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By The Aegean Sea, Turkey

[Yuva]Yuva is an eco-holiday retreat secluded deep in natural surroundings, in the mountains, right by the sea... A secret, unspoilt place on Turkey’s turquoise coast.


Yuva is a spectacular wilderness experience, suitable for guests who love to live simply, close to the trees, the rocks, the sea and the local wildlife. Miles from anywhere, this landscape invites you to free your mind, challenge your body and nurture your soul. By day you will enjoy sparkling blue seascapes and golden sunsets, at night the milky way and dark star-lit skies.

The area is called Faralya, itself part of the ‘Lycian Way’. Guests arriving for the first time are always amazed at the stunning location, one of south west Turkey’s best kept secrets. Yuva means home or nest in Turkish, and Yuva Eco Holiday Centre is a ‘nest’ of sustainable living, combining traditional lifestyles, organic gardening, renewable energy, environmentally conscious tourism and the practice of the healing arts.

Secluded rocky coveWholesome vegetarian and vegan foodInspiring surroundings make Yuva a great place for YogaJulie floatingEnjoy good company

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Yuva Eco-Holiday Center, Faralya

Introduction to the Eco Centre

Yuva Eco-Holiday Centre is in an area known as Faralya, a rural community of 500 people dispersed along several kilometres of quiet mountainside and forest. Here the western escarpment of the Toros range plunges directly into the sea, creating an area of Homeric beauty. Olive, citrus, carob trees and pinewoods surround the area. Much of the forest is protected as a nature reserve and there is a feeling of peace and safety.

This is the Teke Peninsula, an awe-inspiring region steeped in the mysteries of ancient history, and known as Lycia (the land of light). Described by Homer, the Lycians were independent seafaring warriors, who settled here around 1400 BC. The most distinctive archaeological features are the unusual rock-cut tombs, copies in stone of their houses and temples. These are prominent in the local port town of Fethiye (ancient Telmessos) and at Pinara, a nearby ruined city.

The Lycian Way is a recently designated long-distance walk that passes through Faralya, linking Ölüdeniz to Antalya via hundreds of kilometres of mountain paths.

The seashore is known as the Turquoise Coast, referring to the beautiful blue waters. Its most outstanding feature is a huge beach that protects a sandy lagoon called Ölüdeniz. This lagoon contains a rare enzyme thought to have healing properties. Belcekiz, the small resort near Ölüdeniz, with beach cafes and restaurants, is about 25 minutes by local bus from Faralya.

As an introduction you might like to watch our online video.

“Yuva is a place of extraordinary beauty and stillness - a rare gem of a holiday.”

Malcolm Stern, co-founder of Alternatives

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